Life is a series of exchanges. The more positive they are, the more fulfilled you’ll be. Ensuring they run smoothly is the challenge, and the same goes for business.

Getting that right requires a deep understanding of the people behind them. Uncovering their purpose, their passion, their aspirations, and their goals.

That’s what we do, by building strong relationships.

We get to know you and your business first. We grow your business second. Our capability is broad. Our experience and networks are extensive. And we share it all.

Because people are our purpose.

Who we are.

We are Humanee, a boutique business advisory and accounting firm based in Adelaide, South Australia. We grow prosperous relationships that produce fulfilment in business and in life.

Our role is to help people elevate and grow their businesses. We do this primarily via our expertise in business and accounting, but we excel at it because of our skill in building authentic relationships.

We will always put people first.

What we do.

We firmly believe that trusted relationships are the foundation of a good business. Your business and ours. All business. Regardless of the advancement of new technology and the sci-fi realities that are heading towards us, there will always be a fundamental need for humans to interact with each other in real time and space. It’s what makes us human.

We make business a by-product of the relationship. Doing business the time honoured way; by building strong relationships throughout our network. People are the centre of our business and we want our business to be at the centre of yours.

How we work.

Unusual by design —
We’re good different. We’ve torn down the usual stereotypes about how accountants should be, and devised a new model. We believe leadership is built on expertise not a three-piece suit.

360° vision —
We bring the right expertise to the table and let them see things from their perspective. We start where others stop.

Add value not minutes —
We don’t watch the clock. Instead, we choose the right people and equip them with the freedom to see deeply, to challenge, to do what’s interesting.