We offer a range of advisory services to match your size and stage. Every service starts with conversation and connection, so it can be tailored to you.

Board of Advice

Humanee’s Board of Advice supports business owners and executives to manage and govern their business, in pursuit of professional, personal, or  family goals.

With our support, this premium service provides an opportunity for you to spend time on your business to identify risks and maximise opportunities while improving business operations, financial results and increasing value.

It allows you to retain complete control and decision making of your business while we – as Chartered Accountants and Graduates of the Australian Institute of Company Directors – facilitate, provide advice, share our significant experience, knowledge, and knowhow as well as provide access to our vast network of contacts.

The key outcomes of this offering can include:

  • Creating optimal governance structures and processes for your business to assist delivering on strategy and identify and mitigate risks
  • Maximising the performance of business systems and processes
  • Set, review, and modify business goals as necessary including long term vision and values
  • Understanding the value of your business
  • Managing, reviewing, and refining your businesses costs, reporting, strategic tax planning, and investing
  • Understanding and planning for exit opportunities including via sale or family succession

We do this by:

  • Facilitating regular ‘advisory board’ meetings (monthly, quarterly) to provide structure and accountability following an agreed upon agenda including recording minutes and action items
  • Reviewing and/or assisting you create your business/strategic plan including maintaining and monitoring strategic action items
  • Acting as a ‘sounding board’ in between scheduled meetings to provide support to key personnel including owners and key executives
  • Implementing other meetings for specific topics as required (i.e., special finance or risk focus areas)
  • Working with you to review financial information on a regular basis including actual versus budget reporting, financial forecasting and KPI and/or covenant reporting
  • Assisting you to document key governance, operational, strategic and succession matters
  • Assessing alternate business development and business model opportunities (acquisitions/divestments) including optimal funding structures
  • Providing access to our extensive network to bring in other expertise where appropriate

Each engagement is different and can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

General Services


Let us help you stay on top of your compliance requirements including preparation of annual financial statements and tax returns, Business Activity Statements, and Fringe Benefits Tax. We can also attend to ongoing tax planning requirements to ensure you are across upcoming obligations to ensure there are no surprises.


Never stagnate. Strive for peak performance.

We can help you set up systems to refine how you run and project your financial position with a budget or forecast (with a monthly reporting process) to assess performance.

Regular reporting (both financial and non-financial) is essential to monitor your performance and manage daily risk and a 3-Way Financial Model (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet & Cashflow) will be used to project profit as well as your projected cash and net asset position.


Know your value and maintain it.

Use our business value assessment tool to understand your business’ value, help identify gaps or areas for improvement and assist with business planning, succession planning and more.


Whether you are looking to exit your business, bring in new partners or transition to the next generation, preparation, planning and getting the right advice is key. Let us help you plan, project manage, negotiate, and support you during this transition.

Planning & Structure

A rocky foundation is exactly that. Whether you are looking to start a new business or have been operating for years, we can assist you prepare or revise your business plan as well as ensure you are operating in the most appropriate structure with consideration to asset protection, risk mitigation, taxation, funding requirements, and succession plans.

Reporting & Analysis

Having the right information at the right time is imperative to support decision making. We can support you and your team with monthly reporting, financial analysis & board reporting to meet these needs.