No two businesses are the same, and we know trajectories can change.

We offer a range of advisory services to match your size and stage. Every service starts with conversation and connection, so it can be tailored to you.

Board Advisor


Your business is mature and substantial in size with a high-level finance function already in place. Yet, you ponder the future often. As you should. Ongoing success is rarely accidental.

This premium service offers you a detailed review, business health check, risk analysis (of owners/directors), and facilitation of business planning sessions and monthly board meetings.

We use 360º vision to bring the right expertise to your table. We can help you to identify and select advisory board members.

All forms of communication, in between board meetings, are available as required. People are at the centre of our business, and we want to be the centre of yours.

Business Advisor


Your small-to-medium business is growing, but you have no finance manager/CFO to oversee and instigate change. Things could get out of control, but they don’t have to.

This service offers you a business health check, preparation for and facilitation of a strategic planning session, assistance preparing management accounts (as well as financial/non-financial/industry comparisons), and the organisation of a formal quarterly meeting.

We use our expertise to create a 12-month cash flow statement with a three-way financial model, allowing you to forecast your future, not fudge it.

Lines of communication are always open. We count value, not minutes.

Business Starter


You’re ready to start your business and keen to get things right from the start. Well done. It pays to start as you mean to go on – figuratively and literally.

This service offers you advice about the structure of your business (taking into consideration asset protection, commercial appropriateness, exit strategy, tax and more). It includes instructions on how to set things up.

We’ll review your business plan or help you develop one, and we’ll supply you with a checklist of key steps required to get you up and running.

We invite you to communicate often. We’ll be your cheer squad and sounding board as you sow the seeds to success.

Advisory Services

Supporting you and your business to:

  • Maintain the relevance of the business’s vision and values as set out in your business and financial plans;
  • Set, review and modify the businesses goals, as necessary, including long term goals;
  • Maintain decision making structures, including meetings, communication protocols and conflict management;
  • Review, refine and maintain corporate governance, including Board of Directors processes, reporting, regulatory compliance and risk;
  • Manage, review, and refine your businesses costs, reporting, strategic tax planning and investing;
  • Execute the planned family ownership succession, including agreement framework, timing and funding considerations;


Some rules can’t be broken.

Let us help you stay on top of your compliance requirements including annual financial statements & tax returns, Business Activity Statements, and Fringe Benefits Tax.

General Services


Never stagnate. Strive for peak performance.

We can help you set up systems to refine how you run and project your financial position.

A budget or forecast (with a monthly reporting process) allows you to assess performance.

Regular reporting (both financial & non-financial) is essential to manage daily risks.
A 3-Way Financial Model (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet & Cashflow) can be used to project profit as well as your projected cash and net asset position.


Know your value and maintain it.

Use our risk and business value assessment tool to help identify gaps or areas for improvement to assist with business planning, succession planning and more.

Use our business value assessment tool (BStar). It can help identify gaps or areas for improvement and assist with business planning, succession planning and more.


Succession can turn sour. Be prepared early and get the right advice.

We have a strong track record of positive negotiations. If you are looking to sell, acquire a business, or transition to the next generation, let us help you plan, project manage and navigate the transaction.


A rocky foundation is exactly that.

Whether you’re looking to start a new business or have been operating for years, we can ensure you are operating in the most appropriate structure.

Considerations include asset protection, risk mitigation, taxation, funding requirements, and succession plans.

Reporting & Analysis

Lack of analysis will leave you in the dark, but reports won’t write themselves.

To stop you falling behind, we can provide support with monthly reporting and analysis, Board Reporting, transaction support, financial modelling and more.

The commitment required is up to you and can flex with the needs of the business.