Leah Ivanovic


Leah Ivanovic

Leah is an accountant and trusted advisor for privately owned businesses. A Partner at Humanee, she works closely with her clients to identify opportunities for improvement, plan for future growth and help achieve financial and other goals.

What sets Leah apart is her proactive approach and commitment to delivering optimal results. Her dedication, enthusiasm, and deep understanding of business solutions make her an invaluable asset to her clients.

With a wealth of experience sitting on private business Advisory Boards, Leah has deep expertise in advisory and compliance around structuring, tax, and succession planning.

Leah’s accounting journey began in 2010 at a prestigious Big 4 firm and she combines her professional background with a personal touch. She takes the time to truly understand her clients, their families, and their businesses, to ensure they receive tailored advice that suits their unique situation.

As a people-person, Leah thrives on meeting new individuals. She has a particular passion for supporting women in business and understands the importance of keeping a healthy work-life balance to achieve success. Under her guidance, female entrepreneurs and business leaders can flourish in their respective industries.